UK government is likely to lift work hour limit:

The UK government is planning to lift the working hour limit for international students. This comes into account after analyzing the situation of various working sectors crying out for workers. The discussion within the government has already begun relating to extending the working hour limit.

Presently, students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week while studying. As per the sources, the working limit may either extend to 30 hours a week or the limit will be completely removed. Lifting this barrier will help the UK to boost its economy and meet the demand for the worker. According to Rishi Sunak, Prime minister of the UK, “businesses are crying out for workers” indicating a shortage of workers in the UK. With around 6,80,000 international students out of which 1,61,000 students are Indians.

But the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman signaled to put a strain on allowing international students to the country and even drew a proposal on limiting the stay of students in Britain post their graduation. As per Braverman, international students attending ‘low-quality’ courses should be barred from entering the country. There is also an indication of restricting the number of dependents with international students.

However, the Department of Education and the Department for international trade are against this idea, as per the universities these restrictions will adversely affect the universities. Since the country and most of the universities are dependent on foreign students financially.  The UK-based consultancy has informed that international students are not only contributing in terms of fees but through other charges.

The government of the UK has opposed the policy as it will divert international students to countries like Canada and Australia. This will hamper the smooth migration of international students to the country.

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