3 study-abroad destinations becoming popular among foreign students these days:

The pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war have made a significant impact on the functioning of various sectors including education. The UK, the US, Australia and Singapore have always been favorite destinations among students. Three destinations for studying abroad that are becoming considerably famous among the students of India and other countries.

Indian students are opting out to study in France, Italy, and Malta. France has become a prominent destination and the first choice of Indians to study, due to its academic environment. France offers opportunities in the scientific field of study and other sectors.

Malta, on the other hand, is considered the top destination for international students. Malta is an economically suitable country compared to other European nations making it an ideal destination to study abroad. The eligibility criterion along with the easy student visa application process attracts international students to study in Malta. 

Italy also comes in the list of the top destinations to study abroad.  Italy has much to offer to international students in terms of vibes, and cultural programs at a reasonable cost. High-quality education at both private and public universities attracts the attention of students from different countries.

Apart from the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, and Singapore, students are looking forward to enrolling in the universities of France, Italy, and Malta. The students who wish to take hassle-free admission into the universities opt for these three countries. They are assured of a successful career ahead.

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