Tier 2-3 universities make the cut as Indians rush to study abroad:

There is a tremendous rise in competition among Indian students aspiring to study in tier 2-3 universities. It has now become easier for students to get enrolled in tier 2 universities. Getting into Ivy League universities is as simple as getting admission to Harvard, Cornell, and other such universities. Multiple top-tier faculties like MIT, California Institute of Expertise, and Stanford have lesser acceptance charges. Also, these universities are less expensive with respectable faculty and reputation. As per the sources, “Very few Indian students can get into the eight Ivy Leagues and absolute top universities.” Therefore, they look forward into getting enrolled in other universities providing quality education and good career opportunities.

The number of foreign degree-holders in India is rising due to an increase in household incomes. The masses are getting aware about education loans and the availability of overseas training has spiked. As per Nick Jennings, Vice-chancellor and President of Loughborough College in the UK, the total number of Indian students in college has reached the height of 900 out of which 600 students are admitted in last 12 months. Out of these enrolments, 80% of students are admitted into post-graduate programs. The number of undergraduate Indian students is likely to rise in the UK.

Universities in the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia are flooded with Indian students, making US the favorite destination to study. The US is followed by other popular countries like Germany, Belgium, France, and much more.  Most of the students shifting abroad are attracted to the science courses available like STEM (Science, expertise, engineering, and arithmetic).  Other similar domains of study like AI, cyber security, and data science are also liked and opted for by Indian students.

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