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Ban on ChatGPT by French University of Science Po:

Viewing the situation of plagiarism, Science Po has banned ChatGPT. 

The French University of Science Po bans ChatGPT amongst students for the prevention of plagiarism. The university claimed that students tend to plagiarise any written work or presentations.

After Europe and US universities, now French university has also banned ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that can create content based on the demand of the users using the latest technology. The university has already mentioned that students using ChatGPT will have to face repercussions. As per the French University of Science Po, students found using ChatGPT will be suspended from the university or it can extend to students getting barred from French Higher Education.

However, it is tricky to track the usage of the software among students. The university is still finding an alternative to control the situation, but other countries are planning to introduce the concept of hand-written assignments and oral examinations. Many are finding software tools that can detect whether the content produced is AI-based or human-generated. This technique can avoid the situation of plagiarism.

With the main campus of Science Po in Paris, the university has sighted declared it to the students to avoid using this software. The university has sent a mail to the students which quote, “The ChatGPT software is raising important questions for educators and researchers all around the world.”

After considering the ban on ChatGPT by French universities, several Canadian Universities are planning to draft policies relating to the software. This AI tool has created a problem for the education sector.

Microsoft Corporation has invested billions of dollars more in Open AI. Open AI is the creator of ChatGPT, which has received much investment from Microsoft after getting popular in the market.  The software is in a debatable position, where half-world thinks that ChatGPT is innovative and helpful software, while others think it impacts the world negatively.

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