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Pearson’s test will now be accepted in Canada?

New applicants holding Pearson’s test are eligible to apply for a Canada visa.

As per the new policy by the Canadian government, Pearson’s test will now be accepted in Canada as a proof of English proficiency test. From late 2023, the Canadian government will accept the Pearson test for individuals planning to reside permanently in Canada or wishing to get Canadian citizenship. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have given PTE the status Designated Language test.

According to the CEO of Pearson, Andy Bird, “At Pearson, we see every day how English skills can transform lives.” PTE (Pearson Test of English) Essential is given the same status as PTE Academic as it is more real-life oriented to meet the immigration requirement in Canada.

The Canadian government has seen a slight increase in the number of immigrants permitted permanent residency in 2022. The number of residents immigrants granted permanent residency in 2022 is 437,000 which are 9% higher than in 2021. The government of Canada is preparing to accept 500,000 new residents by 2025.

The current trends in Canada accept applicants who have taken IELTS or CELPIP test for English Proficiency. Initially, along with countries like New Zealand, Australia, and the UK, 90% of Canadian Universities also accept PTE as proof to test the English proficiency of an individual.

The organization in Canada has claimed that PTE Academic has helped people across to prove their English proficiency. But from now on, PTE Essentials will be applicable for candidates applying for economic visas to migrate to Canada.

Both PTE Essential and PTE Academic are fully-digital tests. PTE test will be now available at Pearson’s global testing centres. This fully-digital test will use AI tools and voice recognition technologies to help the authority smoothly conduct the examinations and providing high-quality experience to test-takers.

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