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The UK is competing for East Asian Students:

UK face competition for East Asian Students

The universities in the UK are likely to face rising competition from neighboring countries like Singapore and Hong Kong. When recruiting East Asian students, the UK is facing high competition from closer countries that offer quality and affordable education.

As per the survey, the number of Chinese students migrating to the UK and other countries has almost doubled from 20% in 2019 to 36.5% in 2022. The report claims that the UK is eligible to face high competition from major host markets and even regional rivals.

As per the report, concerns are raised on the quality enrolment of migrants to the UK. In the last academic session, the UK saw a growing number of migrants to the country as the number reached 680,000.  The reports from Jazreel Goh, director of Malaysia and East Asia insights highlight the concern for the universities in the UK. It is advisable for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to put forth their competitive advantages to East Asian Students. These advantages are likely to attract students from East Asia to come and study in the UK.

Goh has laid down what can be done to attract students. According to him, the employability opportunities and graduates should be raised by creating a strong alumni network at an affordable cost. He says, “World-class HEIs, graduate employability opportunities and strong alumni networks, all at a reasonable cost.” There are higher chances for universities in the UK to become the most preferred location to study. UK universities can win this battle only if they shift their approach in terms of attraction. Instead of finding students in bulk, universities should focus on accepting the best students.

The recent reports from Australia and Canada highlight that Australia and Canada turn out to be famous destinations for emigration and post-study working rights for individuals.

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