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Germany offers multiple grants and scholarships to Indian students:

The universities, government, and other institutions in Germany offer multiple scholarships to international students irrespective of their nationality. Indian students account for over 35,000 of the international student population.

Germany offers a hearty welcome to international students and has attracted around 35,000 Indian students so far. India has become the second-largest group of international students in Germany. Germany is renowned for providing education free (no tuition fee) to undergraduate students in public universities. The country offers multiple scholarships to international students.

Government Scholarship:

DAAD (Deutscher Aka Demischer Austausch dient):

Students from all nationalities with good academic scores are eligible to redeem this scholarship. The above-average academic qualification, i.e, a 4-year bachelor’s or master’s degree and two years of professional experience can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship amount: 861 – 1200 EUR

ERASMUS+ (European Community Action Scheme for Mobility of University Students) Scholarship:

Students of all nationalities are eligible to avail of this scholarship. The students are selected for this scholarship based on their academic scores and irrespective of their field of study. This scholarship is granted to students who took their master’s degree from at least two countries and contributed to the program.

Scholarship amount: 9960 EUR and health coverage

Non- Government Scholarship:

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship:

National and international students who are planning to pursue a degree in Germany are eligible for this scholarship.

Scholarship amount: 10,200 – 12,000 EUR

Marie Curie International Incoming Students Fellowships (IIF):

Any student who holds a doctoral degree or four years of equivalent experience in research can apply for this scholarship. Students having more experience in research will have more chances to get selected for this scholarship.

Scholarship amount: 15,000 EUR

Konrad- Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Scholarship:

This scholarship is granted to students from all nationalities under the age of 30 years. The applicant must have sound knowledge of the German language, with a university degree and good academic scores.

Scholarship amount: 10,332 – 12,000 EUR

Bayer Foundation Awards:

Students with excellent academic scores from different nationalities can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Amount: 30,000 EUR

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