The rapid increase in the number of student visas: a cause of concern for the UK?

The number of applicants and their dependants has increased at a striking rate. The UK has seen a sharp increase in non-European students, there is a positive shift of the dependants from 5% to 17%.

The visas issued by the UK to non-Europeans have been increasing constantly. The number of students along with their dependants is rising steadily. The introduction of the new Graduate visa policy in July 2021 can be the reason for the hike in the number of applicants. As per the new Graduate Visa policy, the students can stay for up to 2 years without any working rights restrictions.

As per the claims by International Education Strategy, the number of applicants is rising at an alarming rate setting a high record. The increase in the number of applicants and dependents is good news along with a cause of concern for the government.

There has been a shift in the number of dependants from 5% visas to 17% visas. Previously, only 20% of international students used to stay in the UK post-study. The Graduate Visa gives international students the freedom to work post-study and even during the study. Compared to the tuition fees (15,000 Pounds), students will be able to earn a considerably good amount of money (US$60,300). To work in the UK students usually require a degree from the UK, thus increasing the demand for study in the UK.

As per the research, it is found that the EU always earns 10% more than what UK graduates earn, on the other hand, non-EU graduates earn 10% less than UK graduates. There was a gap of 20% in the earnings of students; most of the immigrants to the UK with good qualifications earn less in the UK. There is a need for further investigation to check the reason for this gap and why highly-skilled graduates are earning less.

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