India and China dominate international scholars’ field in the United States

India and China are the leading countries dispatching scholars to the United States. However, the post-pandemic number dropped to 90,891 in 2020-21 from 136,000 in 2019-20.

The research from Open Doors International Scholars shows that India and China are leading countries in terms of international scholars in the US. These two countries account for 38% of international scholars in the US. Though, the number of scholars declined from 136,000 in 2019-20 to 90,891 in 2020-21. Most of the scholars from China reduced by 26%, on the other hand, scholars from India rose by 17%.

China and India are followed by countries like South Korea, Canada, and Germany.

According to Mirka Martel, director of research, evaluation, and learning at the IIE, this comes into the view after an ease in travel restrictions.          

The survey from 1700 US institutions enquires about the inward flow of scientists to the country. There is a positive trend in the number of international scholars post-Covid. Though the number first dropped by 13,000 in 2019-20, and a gradual decrease by 30% in 2020-21.

For the first time, the number of international scholars dropped below 100,000. International scientists consist of postdocs, researchers, guest lecturers, and short-term scientists. Along with India and China, Pakistan also sends 1,280 lecturers and scientists to the US, which marks a hike of 56%.

Markel during the data sharing webinar pointed out that IIE will be closely monitoring the data of scholars coming to the US. As per the research of Julie Baer, “Research has traditionally been the main activity of international scientists in the US”. The data revealed that 9% of international scientists are practicing teaching and 8% are engaged in a combination of teaching and research.

Most of the scholars approaching the country are from STEM subjects.

Colleges and Universities are extending their support to international scientists in different ways, either during their welcome or while they stay.

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