Yale offers flexibility to international students in terms of English Proficiency tests

Yale University offers flexibility in terms of English Proficiency Tests to international students. University is now accepting many tests including Duolingo English Test.

At Yale University, there is a standardized norm for the application procedure but non-natives are required to prove their English language proficiency. As per the email written to Yale News, the senior associate director for outreach and Recruitment at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Mark Dunn, claimed that English language proficiency is needed for a non-native speaker. He further mentioned that a “firm command of English” is required for amazing results.

The admission website of Yale University states the tests accepted by the university include:

The post on the website reads, that an individual who has not taken two-year of secondary education in the English language needs to submit an English test result. This means students who have studied English for two years need not submit any English proficiency test.

Most of the options suggested by Yale costs $200, on the other hand, the cost of Duolingo English is $49. DET can be taken from anywhere and at any time. Yale is one of the oldest and world’s best universities in the US. As per the data revealed by Yale, competitive students achieve a minimum of 7 bands in IELTS, 185 or higher in Cambridge English Qualifications, DET score of at least 120, and a minimum of 100 in TOEFL.

The data from the Office of Institutional Research of Yale revealed that in the academic year, 2021-22 were 14,567. As per the data, there are more women with a total of 7,584 compared to men (6,854). There are 22 percent international students out of the total number of students.

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