International students in Poland account for around 89,500

There has been an increase in the number of international students studying in Poland. The number of international students accounts for around 89,500.

As per the report, the number of international students in the academic year 2021- 22 rose to 89,420. There is a hike of 5.6 per cent which accumulates for around 4,731. International students in Poland account for 7.34 per cent. Thirteen years ago, the total of foreign students was 0.82 per cent only. The hike in the number of international students was seen since 2005. The report is brought forth by a non-profit organization, Perspektywy Education Foundation.

Earlier, Ukrainian students used to account for a larger percentage, though the number started dropping in 2018-19. Meanwhile, there was a hike in the number of African students. President of Perspektywy Education Foundation, Bianka Siwińska, said that the war in Ukraine can be the reason which contributed to the fall in the number of Ukrainian students.

According to Siwińska, Ukraine is in a period of demographic fall, especially in the 17- 25 age groups. The reports claimed that even after seeing an increase in the number of international students, still Poland is the country with the least number of international students. As compared to other developed OECD countries and China, Poland hosts limited international students.

Siwińska revealed that the major factor which has led to the prevention of the rise of international students is the visa policy in Poland. The consular services have blocked Indian students to study in Poland, though Indians chose Polish higher education institutions for studies. For many years, 8,000 to 10,000 Indian students consider Poland for higher education.

The reports further claimed that students are more attracted to the neighbouring countries of Poland. Most of the students are visiting Hungary, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Slovakia.

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