Top locations offering free and discounted education to Indian students

Multiple countries offer free and discounted education to Indian students. Living costs and tuition fees can add to the problem of students in terms of finances.

To lower the cost of education abroad, universities in different countries offer free or discounted education to international students.


The number of top and reputed medical colleges in Russia attracts Indian students. Though international students are not provided free education but they are offered discounted education. Usually, international students get insecure about whether they can reside in Russia after graduating, but they can stay for 180 days in the country to find work. Moscow State University, and Tomsk State University among top universities to apply for.


Germany is home to reputed colleges and universities offering tuition-free education to students. The country is renowned for providing free education to students from across the world. Even the living expense in the country is not expensive.


Norway offers a scheme of free education for international students coming to the country. To avail of free education in the country, get yourself enrolled in public universities. International students will be amazed to see the courses offered at the University of Bergen and UiT the Arctic University of Norway.


Brazil is the ideal destination to study for Indian students, but before that students should take the Portuguese language exam which will open the door for them to study in public universities. The public universities in Brazil offer education to students free of cost.


The lower tuition fee attracts students from India making it one of the top destinations in Europe to pursue higher education. Just after qualifying for their 12th class, students look forward to opportunities to study in Austria. The University of Vienna and the University of Salzburg are among the top public universities in the country.

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