Switzerland: Professional Education and Training strengthen pay by 46%

Professional training of graduates leads to an increase in the income of an individual by 46% in Switzerland. The study by FSO shows a rise of CHF 2500 in the income of full-time workers.

The average income of graduates of professional Education and Training (PET) is as high as CHF 7800. The professionals before taking up training or tertiary qualification were paid CHF 5300. There is an acknowledged boost of CHF 2500 in the income of professionals with a rise of around 46%.

As per the reports by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO), the earnings of graduates vary. Depending on gender, the field of training, and the qualification obtained by an individual. Professionals from certain academic fields or training saw a substantial decline in their income.

Additionally, the studies in 2020 revealed that out of ten people, three were finding it difficult to find employment. Recent figures for 2020 show that students who find it difficult to get a job have obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Applied Science or even a Master’s degree from the Cantonal University.

Multiple factors lead to difficulties in finding a suitable job including financial condition post-pandemic. Even students holding a degree in education stated that only one student found a job matching their interests.  The data revealed by Universities in Switzerland show that in the academic year 2021-22, 272,329 students were enrolled. Out of these students, 164,752 students were studying at Universities, 22,657 were studying for degrees in education, and 84,920 students were enrolled at universities in applied science.

The students holding diplomas in accounting, business administration, and marketing were paid well (CHF 11,700 monthly). While graduates in retail services were paid less, they earn around CHF 6300. The Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO), covered the period of 2013 to 2021 to conduct their research.

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