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Canada: Foreign students need not pay tuition fees to get study permits

In Canada, International students need not pay for tuition in part or full in advance to be eligible to get a study permit, as per federal court.

Recently, the Federal Court of Canada said that International students are not required to pay tuition fees at the time of application. During the application stage, if an international student fails to submit tuition fee, their study permit will not be hampered. The court mentioned, as long students can prove their ability to pay tuition fees, they won’t be penalized for an unpaid fee.

This came into effect after a case of an Iranian student (Tehrani vs Canada), where the study permits of the student got rejected due to the student’s failure to pay the tuition fee. IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) rejected the application of the student on grounds of non-payment of tuition fees.

After the removal of this barrier, Canada eases the admission process for international students. This allowance will be a saver for especially Indian students who aspire to study in Canada.

In 2022, Canada again topped the chart for admitting the highest number of international students. The country admitted over 550,000 international students. As per the information, Indian students still count for the highest number of international students getting visa approval 226,450. As of December 31st, 2022, the total number of international students in Canada was 807,750 holding study permits.

Again, Indian students topped the chart with a total of 319,310 students in the country. Canada is a popular destination among Indian students for higher education. The smooth immigration process and the student-friendly policies in the country are the main reason for attracting international students. Around 27% of respondents consider Canada as their first choice of destination to study abroad.

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