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Less than 0.5% of Iranian university students go to study abroad

As per the reports by Hashem Dadashpout, there is a drop in the percentage from 40% to less than 0.5% of Iranian University students opting to study abroad.

The deputy science minister, Hashem Dadashpour, reveals that the Iranian revolution led to a drop in Iranian students going overseas to study abroad. He further claimed, that before Iranian Revolution, the number of local students visiting abroad to earn a degree was 40 percent in 1978-79. The rate of Iranian students opting to study overseas has now drastically dropped to 0.5%. The Tehran-located news agency- The Mehr, reports reveals this data.

According to Dadashpour, the Islamic Revolution is huge in terms of transformation in academics and the scientific field. The world is likely to be benefitted from this revolution and the contribution of the country in the academic sphere.

Dadashpour, while delivering a speech in Birjand Mosque pointed out the progress made in the field of technology and academics. He further claimed that other countries are dependent on Iran for defense and military warfare.

Improvements in medical sciences have been made by the country as they longer need to depend on India and Pakistan for the supply of doctors. In addition to that, he highlighted that Iran was the center of attraction for international students. And, in the coming years, Iran is expecting double admission of foreign students to Iranian universities.

In 2021, international students enrolled in Iran were 57,000. The authorities are expecting to enroll around 90,000 international students in the coming years. Out of 57,000 international students, 30,600 students are enrolled at universities concerning the Ministry of Science. Ministry of Science shares information with the Tehran Times regarding the interest of international students. Tehran times reveal that 108,000 students from 117 countries opted for Iran as their study destination for the academic year 2022-23.

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