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Indian students are offered free education in a few EU countries

Certain EU countries including the Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, and Finland offer free education to Indian students. Even, post-study working rights are available for them.

In a report, it is found that the cost of living for Indian students in European countries is comparatively low. Certain European countries including Germany, the Czech Republic, Finland, and Iceland offer free education to Indian students. Though, there is a certain condition that leads to the allowance of free education. Meanwhile, a current government proposal in Norway is to charge $13,000 in tuition fees annually from international students.

However, there is no confirmation by the Norwegian government on this proposal. The research was conducted that compared by living cost of students in European countries as follows:

  • Finland (700 EUR – 1300 EUR),
  • Germany (approximately 935 EUR),
  • Norway (700 EUR – 900 EUR),
  • Czech Republic (300 EUR – 650 EUR), and
  • Iceland (approximately 1400 EUR)

While many universities do not impose tuition fees on students, they have the authority to charge administrative fees. The administrative fee is less as compared to the tuition fee. Administration fees can be used for administration and supervision purposes. However, Germany does not charge more than 250 EUR per semester.

Even, the reports highlight the post-study work visa allowance for an individual. The post-study working allowance by different countries is as follows:

  • Norway: 1 year
  • Germany: 18 months
  • Iceland: Up to 6 months
  • Finland: 2 years
  • Czech Republic: 9 months

In addition, the part-time working rules in countries vary for each country. Every European country has distinguishing norms for international students. For example, in Finland, Indian students are allowed to work for around 30 hours per week.              

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