90% of international students recommend France as a study destination

Recent studies reveal that 90% of international students recommend France to others. As per students, France is the most preferred study location.

Campus France and Kantar Public Institute carried out a study between February and April 2022. This shows that international students consider France as a top destination to study. Nine out of ten international students, recommend living in France for it’s living standards.

The contribution of international students in France is around 867 EUR, which ultimately amounts to 5 million EUR to the country’s economy. Students also pay the tuition fee of around 2800 EUR. The relatives of the student visiting France to spend a holiday contribute around 1600 EUR to the economy of France.

Further, in a survey respondents have recommended France to live, work and spend holidays. Around 88% of the participants in the survey revealed that their desire to work in French companies has increased since their stay in the country. Data reveals that 48% of international students have worked while studying becoming a major factor to cover their expenses. As per them, the payments they retrieve from their jobs are crucial for their existence in the country. Even, the data show that around 20% of the students in France work in more than one job while studying. The survey was carried out concerning 10,000 international students to get a better insight into the living condition of the country.

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