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New commission to develop international education strategy for the UK

New commission was set up to help the United Kingdom to develop and prepare ‘International education strategy 2.0’. Commission the  Sanam, Johnson, Willets, and Skidmore.

A new expert panel has been launched in the UK to help the country to opt international education strategy. The commission will take into consideration the merits of international students. As per Chris Skidmore, member of parliament and chairman of the International Higher Education Commission (IHEC), the commission comes into play after the UK government planned to curtail the post-study work route.

The new commission will effectively highlight the significance of international students in the economic growth of the UK. Further, this commission will help the country in forming ‘International Education Strategy 2.0’.

Founder and chairperson of the National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU) UK, Sanam Arora reveals that it is significant for India and UK partnership. According to her, there are serious challenges in the UK to find skilled manpower in different ranging areas, Indian graduates studying in the UK can be helpful for the country.

Sanam Arora was joined by Lord Jo Jonson, Shitij Kapur, and Lord David Willets to analyze the situation. The group concluded that it would be beneficial for both parties (India and UK) to introduce a new Graduate Visa Route. The UK reveals that around 120,000 Indian students were offered study visas to study in the country.

Skidmore, further added that international students are vital for the success of the country. In addition, he claimed that other countries are putting forward attractive study visa offers for students, so they (the UK) should not lag. According to him, international students can be of great help instead of being a burden on the country. The UK does not want to neglect the skills of students but provides a basis for a more sustainable approach to international education.

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