Why the Netherlands has become the most preferred study-abroad country?

Recent studies have shown that the Netherlands has become an ideal destination to study abroad for international students.

The graph of Indian students seeking to study in the Netherlands has reached the highest number in recent years. The country has seen a significant increase in the number of Indian students coming to the Netherlands. With globally renowned universities in the country, Netherlands has topped the charts for providing high-quality education to students.

What can be the factors for increasing Netherlands’ popularity among students?

Affordable education: Public and private universities in the Netherlands intend to provide high-quality education. Tuition fee in universities of the Netherlands is comparatively low.

Growth opportunities: Students are given enormous possibilities to explore and research in their respective fields, which gives them higher chances to grow. With the 17th largest GDP, the Netherlands allows overseas students to work while studying. Foreign students are allowed to work for 16 hours per week during the semester term and full-time during the semester break or summer vacation (June to August).

World-class education: Top-ranked prestigious universities in the Netherlands focus on fulfilling the needs of students in terms of education. Some globally recognized universities in the Netherlands constitute the University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University, and others.

Individuals who are highly qualified are granted a visa with a validity of one year. This one-year ‘orientation period’ individuals gives the liberty to work in the country without any restriction.

The Netherlands has said to have the second-largest population of Indian students in Europe. From the insights of the Ministry Of External Affairs, around 1900 Indian students enrolled in the universities of the Netherlands. Taking into view the bond between India and Netherlands, the number of Indian students is expected to grow in the coming years.

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