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Canada invites feedback on the immigration system of the country

The Canadian government is following the path of Australia by inviting feedback on the country’s immigration system. Feedback will allow them to build a stronger system.

Canadian Government has come up with a new initiative that is focused on gathering feedback on the migration policy of the country. This review will give the immigration department an idea of how they can boost the future economy of Canada. According to Sean Fraser, immigration minister of Canada, the department is concerned with the long-term success of the country. This feedback will give Canadians and stakeholders including colleges a chance to share their views to build a stronger Canadian immigration system for the future.

Canadian immigration lawyer, Will Tao ensured that policy focusing on international education will revolve around the well-being of international students. Even, the discussion will widely focus on everything from policies to programs and pathways.

Recent reports from CBC Fifth estate highlight the interest of the government in the welfare of international students. Further, the managing director for World Education Services, Shamira Madhany mentioned the need for a proper framework and tools in right place to attract international students to the country.

The number of immigrants will soon hit 100% of the country’s labor force, thus creating the need for a review of immigration policies.  As per the spokesperson from IRCC, 437,000 permanent resident visas were granted to citizens in 2022.

The government is planning to hold this engagement initiative in spring in the form of dialogue sessions. The first event related to the initiative was held on 23 February. Public surveys and workshops are going to be helpful in the process. So the first set of the online survey will launch in March 2023 followed by a consultation period in April 2023.

Canada is following a similar path that Australia took in reviewing its migration system. Tao advised the government to take into account the view of people affected by immigration policies while considering the decisions of businessmen and influential leaders.

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