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India & Australia signed a pact for mutual recognition of qualification

Australia and India have become Strategic Mutual Partners in the mutually recognizing qualification of students between the two countries.

Australia has signed a pact with India for mutual recognition of qualification which will be helpful to move to Australia. The agreement was signed after the meeting between Dharmendra Pradhan, Union Education Minister Department, and Jason Clare, Education Minister of Australia. The education minister of Australia visited New Delhi from February 28 to March 4 to strengthen the bond of countries related to educational matters. On the second India- Australia Virtual Summit, prime ministers of both the country came forward to sign the agreement.

The virtual summit was held on 21 March 2022 which leads to the establishment of a task force concerning the recognition of qualifications of individuals from both countries. This pact was signed to allow youngsters from Australia and India to easily move to the country for education and employment.

Australia is planning to invest 1.82 million dollars to enhance courses and training in the country. According to Pradhan, the agreement will give both the countries authority to recognize the qualification of each other’s students. Indian and Australian universities are working closely to effectively build more intense Ph.D. research facilities for students.

India is preparing to accommodate more Australian students in India for short and long-term courses. This comes into effect after the launch of the National Education Policy, in 2020. Under this policy, the internationalization of education is given much priority. However, the issue of visa pendency has been a major problem that was raised by Prime Minister Modi in the QUAD forum. Australian prime minister has ensured that more delegates will be employed in the department of Home Affairs for faster visa processing. Since education is a strong pillar in building up Comprehensive Strategic Partnerships.

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