Global Convention on qualification regarding higher education

On March 5, Sunday, a global convention was held concerning Qualifications regarding Higher Education to make higher education transparent globally. 

The Global convention on the recognition of Qualification concerning Higher Education came into effect on March 5, 2023, Sunday. This convention opens up a road of opportunities for students and degree holders globally. It leads to a more inclusive education making students move around the countries easily for higher education.

The UNESCO general conference was adopted at the 40th session in November 2019. The convention was designed to develop international bonding among different countries in higher education. Further, this setting will lead to the development of trust and confidence through the promotion of ethical patterns.

The minimum number of states’ criteria was fulfilled when Iceland and Andorra submitted their confirmation on December 5, 2022. The sources revealed that France, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom were among the famous destination to study abroad. Going beyond the bar of a minimum number of ratifications, UNESCO achieved its agenda.

Stefania Giannini, the UN official in the education sector included UNESCO’s efforts of coordinating and monitoring the implementation of countries. The assistant director-general of UNESCO is the former Italian minister for education, research, and universities.

Giannini revealed that the impact of the Global Convention will help provide a framework for coordination among nations regarding higher education qualification globally. The main objective of the convention is to simplify and make the education process transparent.

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