Ireland is gaining popularity among international students

Since Irish universities are gaining popularity, the country of Ireland, has now become a new choice among international students to study abroad as per the reports.

Managing director of SI-Ireland India, Lakshmi Iyer reported that Ireland is becoming a top choice among international students. Irish universities and colleges are widely recognized for their famous courses like Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Finance, Business, and Technology. Many find that Irish universities offer various courses including business, nursing, computing, and social sciences which are opted by Indian students.

The demand for certain courses has increased in recent years, including AI, Fin-tech, Agri-tech, Data Analytics, and Cyber security as per the reports by the government of Ireland. More than 5000 students including Indian students prefer to study in the country because of the affordable education provided by the institutions. International students studying at the University of Ireland are offered the option to stay back in the country.

The Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme entails benefits for Indian students as they can apply for a work permit as per their job. Students need not worry about jobs, since the abundance of world-class companies across Ireland is present.

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