Number of international students rise by 70% in Germany:

As per the reports by DAAD, around 325,000 international students were studying in Germany in the winter semester of 2020-21 seeing an increase of 70%.

DAAD and the German Centre for Higher Education gathered the “Wissenschaft weltoffen 2022” report concerning the number of students in German Universities. The reports claim that the number of international students at German universities accumulates to around 184,960 in 2011-12, in recent times this number went up to 324,729 in the academic session 2021-22. From 2011-12 to 2021-22, there was an increase of 75.5%.

In the winter session of 2010-11, the total number of students at German universities accounts for 8.3 per cent, including students from applied science backgrounds. Further, the number of students from all departments constitutes around 11 per cent of the student population.

Germany saw an increasing admission of international students from Asia and Pacific regions in 2020-21. A total of 101,903 students from Asia and the Pacific represent 31.4% of all students at German higher education institutions. In the same year, students from North Africa and the Middle East grew to 63,000, followed by Western Europe, and Central and South Eastern Europe.

In the academic session 2020-21, the number of Chinese students falls by 3% compared to 2019-20. Simultaneously, the number of Indian students rose by 15%. Moreover, the number of Chinese students still accounts for a higher percentage in Germany.

However, in totality, the number of international students in Germany grew by 85 or around 25,000 students compared to the previous year. The ratio of international students makes Germany the fourth most popular destination behind the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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