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Job options students can undertake while studying in Canada

The new immigration policy concerning the working hour limit and permanent residency in Canada opens an array of job opportunities for international students.

Canada is the top choice among Indian students to stay. The renewal of immigration policy concerning permanent accomodation and jobs has a positive impact on international students. By the end of 2022, Canada amended its immigration policy. As per the policy, international students will be allowed to find employment with a valid study visa. Canada has removed the restriction on the number of working hours for international students.

While considering the new working hour limit, students can take up the following jobs:

Freelancing: This is the most flexible type of job available for an individual. A student can determine their availability and pricing according to their need. Freelancing jobs are provided in different sectors.

Ride-share drivers: Ride-share drivers have an opportunity to work at their convenience. While working as a ride-share driver, you can experience a boost in your pay. Tips can be the reason for the boost in an individual’s income.

Teacher and Tutoring: For students enrolled in an educational program or who have a passion for teaching can opt this role. Similar to freelancing, teaching also has flexible working hours. A student working as a teacher or tutor will gain immense experience from the same.

Bartender or Mixologist: By taking up the role of a bartender or a mixologist, an individual can work without disturbing their study schedule. Someone holding the knowledge of liquor and hard drinks s can be a perfect fit for this role.

Further, reports state that international students working as temporary workers in Canada receive similar working rights as permanent residents. In case of an employee found exploiting a working right, they can be reported for the same.

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