Women enrolment in universities of the Netherlands outnumbered men

As per the reports by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the enrolment rate of women is comparatively higher than men for 23 years in a row.  

For 23 consecutive years, the number of women enrolled in the University of the Netherlands is higher than men. The data revealed by the Dutch Statistical office shows that 443,000 female students have enrolled in the university in the academic session 2021-22. However, the number of male students was comparatively lower accounting only for 393,000.

The report by CBS claims that in the academic session 2021-22, 53% of females opted for higher professional education (HBO). Further, the data indicate that females enrolled in higher professional education or university education in the age group of 25-34 were slightly higher than men.

The reports claim that the gender gap became vast between the age group of 65 to 74 years since 25% of men and 23% of women completed HBO or WO. Overall, women outnumbered men in multiple fields including healthcare, education, and social science. Though, fields like engineering and computer science were dominated by men.

Reportedly, the ratio between men and women was wider as 85 per cent of women studied at universities whereas; only 15 per cent of men were studying in universities. However, the situation and ratio for each discipline are different. For instance, only 9 per cent of women have enrolled in computer science courses compared to 68 per cent enrolled in education courses.

Certain fields like civil and industrial engineering saw less enrolment of women compared to men. Overall, the enrolment of students in the Dutch higher education sector increased in the past decade. There was a boom in HBO students by 16% from 424,000 to 491,000 in the academic session 2011-12 to 2021-22 respectively. On the other hand, enrolment at the university level (WO) rose by 41% from 245,000 to 345,000.

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