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64% of UK local feels entry of foreign students to increase

As per the new poll by Public First by Universities UK (UUK), 64% of respondents feel that international students should be allowed to enter the country without any restrictions. 

Home Secretary of Britain, Suella Braverman was of the view to reduce migrations into the country. A vast majority of the public in the country has opposite view as they feel there is no need for a cap on international students visiting the UK.

A new poll from Public First by Universities UK (UUK) collected the data between 28 Feb 2023 and 3 March 2023. Reportedly, 64% of locals believe that the number of international students should increase in the UK or at least should remain the same. However, 21% of the individuals believe that enrolment of international students should be restricted. The respondents who were in favor of allowing international students in the UK revealed that the economy of the UK saw a boost after the contribution of migrants.

Besides, 43% of respondents believe that students who leave the universities with a positive impression hold an advantage for British diplomacy. While 11 percent opposed the view as they believe students leaving universities with negative view suffers. Moreover, 21 percent of respondents hold a view that there is an insignificant or negligent impact on British diplomacy.

As per Chief Executive of UUK, Vivienne Stern, locals have opposing views compared to the government. The results of the poll also revealed that international students should be classified as immigrants in official papers. Out of all, only 18% of individuals believe that international students should be given preferential or elite treatment. This came into view when the government planned to introduce new immigration rules for international students coming to the country. 

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