US Advisory panel suggested extending the grace period:

US advisory panel suggested the federal government for extending the grace period from 60 days to 180 days for H1-B visa holders.

The federal government has been recommended by a presidential advisory to extend the grace period for H1-B workers. As per the recommendation, workers who have lost their jobs will be given 180 day grace period. The grace period will allow workers to explore more job opportunities.

Member of the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders, Ajay Bhutoria, reveals that the department of Homeland security recommends USCIS extend the grace period. Bhutoria in his presentation highlights that there are multiple hurdles laid down for workers in 60 days grace period. The hurdles consist of paperwork for the transfer of H1-B status, finding a job within a limited time slot, and delay in processing time.

Further, Bhutoria mentions that limited time for finding job results in skilled workers leaving the country. Members of the commission supported Bhutoria’s suggestion of retaining skilled workers. Earlier, H1-B visa holders face challenges when they are laid off from their jobs. After being laid off, workers are left with two choices either leave the USA or change their immigration status. Workers were given 60 days for the same; if they fail to adhere to the norms then they are considered to be violating the law.

In case the new employer is planning to submit an H1-B visa application within the grace period, then their request will be accepted. However, to ease down the process and retain skilled workers, the new policy is laid down.

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