China relaxes visa restriction for international students:

After the COVID-19 outbreak, China laid visa restrictions on international students. However, China will be lifting this restriction now.  

China has come up with a report about lifting the visa restriction. After the outbreak of COVID-19, the country has eased the visa process. People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims that government will now resume processing visas for international students. Thus, making it easier for universities to admit international students.

This decision is taken in favor of students around the world, especially Indian students. A large number of students were affected by visa constraints due to the lockdown in China. However, the latest information reveals that visa application regulation has come into force from 15th March 2023. This lifting of visa restrictions is helpful for Indian students.

Further, the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry has said that students in possession of valid visas, granted before March 28, 2020, can enter the country. The decision was taken to ease cross-border travel. The visa policy that is to be revised takes into consideration restoring visa-free travel for certain groups. People coming to Shanghai on cruise ships, or citizens from Macau, Hong Kong, and ASEAN member countries can travel without a visa.

Last year, the Chinese Ambassador in India reveals that Indian students will be permitted to study in China again soon. The breakdown of the pandemic led to the urgent departure of foreign students. This departure certainly forced many Indian students to discontinue their studies and leave the country.

Not only will the students enrolled in Chinese universities be allowed to pursue their education, but other students can also pursue education in Chinese colleges.

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