Start your journey to study in Canada and the US this summer

Here is what a student should keep in mind while preparing to study in Canada and the US in the upcoming intake.

Spring and summer intakes are the most popular times for international students to apply to universities abroad. Students prefer to study in popular destinations, including the USA and Canada. Even the fall and winter intakes are in high demand.

The number of international students enrolled in 2021-2022 in the US is 9,48,519. Similarly, the number of international students in Canada is as high as 1,405,857.                           

The May intake is considerably popular, and even the competition is high. For students who could not enroll in the winter intake, the May intake would be an ideal option for them. Applying for the May intake will give students more time to shortlist their university and fill out the application form. In addition to that, students would have ample time to make mindful decisions.

Anyone planning to move to Canada, can apply to universities like the University of Northern British Columbia, the University of Alberta, the University of Manitoba, and the University of Waterloo. Moreover, if you are migrating to the United States, consider institutions like Stanford University, Cleveland State University, Boston University, the University of Oregon, and the University of Central Missouri.

Furthermore, after filling out the application form and receiving an acceptance offer from the university. The next step is finding an accommodation. There is a possibility that university accommodations will be filled by the May intake. Give it a try in case on-campus accommodation is still available. A student can trust certain housing portals to find the best housing facility for them. It is advisable to plan things beforehand to get yourself free from the last hassle and have a pleasant study abroad experience.

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