Denmark is relaxing work visa rules for foreign nationals:

The government of Denmark is relaxing immigration rules on work visas to deal with the shortage of labour in the country.

Denmark is currently facing a high demand for labour in the country. The country has planned to come up with measures to ease the immigration rules to allow more talented beings from all over the world. With the relaxation of immigration rules, the country will lower the minimum salary requirements and expand the fast-track work permit scheme.

The initiative of Denmark will prove beneficial to companies and workers locally and abroad. Companies in Denmark will have a chance to hire non-EU workers for their company. Apart from that, the number of job openings for international workers will increase so that more talent comes to the country to fulfil the demand for skilled labour. International students who are currently enrolled in the universities here will be allowed to stay in the country for a longer period to search for jobs.

As per the discussion held on March 23, 2023, there will be amendments to the Danish Aliens Act. The changes made in the Act will take effect on April 1, 2023.

The following sectors are facing a major labour shortage:

  • Science, engineering, finance, IT professionals, and much more
  • Skilled workers

There are 42 per cent of companies in Denmark that will face a shortage of labour in the first half of 2022. The new amendments to the policy will make it easier for international workers to work and do business in the country. There will be changes in the pay threshold for work and residence permits, as there will be a shift from DKK 465,000 to DKK 375,000 to allow more work permits. The fast-track certification process for the companies will also be boosted. The companies that are ready to expand their business by including at least 10 full-time employees will get certificates faster.

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