12 student recruitment hotspots for the coming years:

Facts and figures of past years are accumulated to check which countries are likely to send most students abroad in the coming years.

  1. Mexico: With 25% of the population < 15 years of age, Mexico is the top destination for student recruitment. Top student cities in Mexico are Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City. Even, the high level of visual promotion of Mexican culture can be beneficial.
  2. Colombia: Being Latin America’s “most educated country”. Colombia’s market is always a price-driven market. Even the tertiary gross enrolment ratio GER has almost doubled in recent years, from 28% in 2004 to 55% in 2018.
  3. Nigeria: The inflation and deflation of the country’s currency show the interest of schools. The schools wish to become partners instead of just providers of students.
  4. Brazil: Any partner approaching Brazil should be experienced. Further, it has been noted that 41% of international students studying in Portuguese universities are from Brazil.
  5. Turkey: The economy of Turkey is rapidly growing, having grown by 11% in 2021. Students from Turkey often look forward to getting English-language study as part of the degree they are earning.
  6. Pakistan: As a country with the fifth-largest population (230 million), Pakistan is ready to adapt to the suggestions of local agents.
  7. Iran: Agents looking forward to recruiting students from Iran must know they can recruit students for three countries at most. Society for Student Recruitment Initiative (SSRI) regulates the provision.
  8. Bangladesh: Even, conducting frequent virtual events will help agents bond with citizens. Global warming severely affects the country.
  9. Nepal: It would be better to attract students with the help of scholarships.
  10. Vietnam: With the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia. Vietnam’s average economy grew by 6.8% between 2016 and 2019.
  11. Philippines: Philippines hold second-largest population in Southeast Asia. However, Cebu, Davao, and Manila are among top student cities.
  12. Indonesia: 22% Indonesian students choose least expensive institutes to study abroad.

Agents can consider the following data while recruiting students from different countries:

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