The French government will release €500 million for student scholarships

There is a provision of scholarship by the French government; however, there will be an investment of 500 million euros more in this area.

The French government is likely to invest more than 500 euros to make amendments to the higher education system. The investment will be made on the basis of social criteria, accommodations, and access to food services.

On March 29, 2023, Sylvie Retailleau, the French Minister of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, presented the first part of her reform about student scholarships. This scholarship will be implemented next September.

The government is currently distributing scholarships to 720,000 students. Further, the government is likely to increase the number of scholarships offered. There will be an increase of 35,000 scholarships for middle-class students.

Even so, the government will increase the payment for scholarship holders by EUR 37 per month or EUR 370 per year. The academic year in France lasts for around ten months. An agency promoting French higher education abroad, Campus France, will benefit international students. However, as of now, these changes will be applicable to domestic students only instead of international students.

According to the survey conducted by the agency, nine out of ten students consider France their top study destination. The same survey highlights the impact of international students on the economy at around 5 billion euros.

Retailleau said that the goal of these measures was to give everyone an equal education while he was talking about them. The measures that will be applicable from 2023–2024 include:

  • The meals prices will be frozen.
  • Allowing waivers of the university registration cost
  • Access to housing facilities in the university’s park will be the top priority.

During the pandemic, the government of France reduced the price of meals to around 1 EUR.

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