AI is revolutionizing international higher education

International higher education in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) provides students a chance to meet and work together. AI-powered platforms and tools have made the learning process more personal and the educational process more efficient. However, there are certain potential threats and risks in the overseas education sector relating to AI education.

According to a recent poll, the biggest worry about using generative AI is cheating in the classroom. Even 68% of people revealed that overtrusting the output of AI is a cause for concern. Further, inaccuracy of output (68%) and legal issues (55%), which are issues for worry, Respondents to the survey have also highlighted other issues that are causes for concern.

AI can be of excessive help, but human links and ways cannot be replaced by AI-generated tools or platforms.

Opportunities in the field of generative AI use:

As per the QS Global Employer Survey, expertise in the field of AI is highly valued. Around 80% of education industry companies feel that AI will be highly valued in 2022. Moreover, there are multiple opportunities for experts who have completed their education in AI.

There is a profound impact of generative AI in diverse fields, from classroom instruction to back-end management. Around 77% of respondents to the survey revealed that improved efficiency of human work is the greatest contribution of AI generative tools. There are multiple areas in the educational sector where there is prominent opportunity for a career in AI.

Moving forward:

There are potential dangers to academic integrity and multiple other areas. The real threats include inaccurate output and legal issues. However, in the long term, generative AI can bring up opportunities for an individual.

AI tools can further be helpful to automate administrative chores, which include registrations, grading, and scheduling. International education with AI tools is a transformative opportunity for individuals and learners of AI. In these ways, education leaders think AI is the most effective and highly motivated programme.

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