Australia is fighting back to the pre-pandemic situation

In 2022, Australian educational institutions welcomed around 620,000 international students. The number is expected to increase in the coming years.

Australia has seen an 8% rise in the admission of students in 2022, with 620,000 new admissions. The enrolment rate has increased by 4% when compared to the enrolment rate in 2021. However, the admission rate is still lower than pre-pandemic levels.

In 2022, the Australian government raised concern about the low admission rate in an inquiry. In the inquiry, some stakeholders revealed that by late 2023, there will be a full recovery in the enrolment rate. The number of students enrolled in 2022 was three times higher than the number of students enrolled in 2021.

Recent reports revealed that nine out of 10 public universities have seen a rise in the number of international students, though enrolment of domestic students has fallen. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has also noted that around 256,000 people have entered Australia on student visas from January to March 2023. The number has certainly increased, as last year 105,520 students were enrolled in 2022.

According to Peter Chesworth, CEO of an Australian university, the return of international students boosts campus life and generates economic activity. Further, local businesses and communities are benefited by the arrival of international students. Australian universities came up with a suggestion to retain international students by making modifications to the country’s migration policy. Recent data clearly shows that education exports from Australia have risen to $25.5 billion. Though the number is still less than in 2019. Before the pandemic, education exports were around $40 billion. After the COVID travel restriction was lifted in the country, there was an increase in student arrivals, and it is expected to grow in 2023 and beyond.

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