Japan is targeting the admission of 400,000 international students

Japan has set a target to welcome 400,000 international students in the next decade. Appropriate measures have been taken by the government to attract students.

Japan is at the top of many students lists as a popular study abroad destination. In recent reports, the number of students approaching Japan is rapidly increasing. As per the statement by the government, Japan is targeting 400,000 international students in the coming decade.

Japan is planning to fulfil this target by 2033. Because Indian and Japanese cultures are so similar, Indian students would be Japan’s primary target. It would be easier for Indian students to adjust to the Japanese environment as it will give them a homelike feeling.

The demand of students will be aligned as students will be provided with low-cost and quality education. Asian countries are planning to boost their education sectors by fulfilling the demands of students. Indian and other international students would be surprised to know that education in Japan is more affordable than in most of the countries in the world.

Further, to lessen the financial burden of students, the Japanese government offers MEXT Scholarships to students. Anyone who is planning to study in Japan can apply for the same between April and May of the next academic session. Moreover, Japan offers a unique experience to students in terms of education and culture.

Even students with good command of the Japanese language will be provided with jobs. This mention of job opportunities came into effect after the demand for Japanese language courses increased in India. To meet the set target in the coming years, Japanese universities have planned to come up with more courses in English. Also, institutions in Japan are working on developing international dormitories. Furthermore, the number of scholarships offered to international students will increase.

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