Germany will process 25,000 student visas for Indian students

The German embassy in India has received 25,000 applications in 2023 for study visas for the next two semester intakes, as per Ambassador Phillipp Ackerman.

In a recent discussion at the Acumen Global Gateway on April 20, 2023, Ambassador Phillipp Ackerman stated that Indian students in Germany have surged in recent times.

The German embassy in India has received over 25000 applications for study visas for the upcoming two-semester intakes. According to Ackerman, Germany has recently become the most preferred study abroad destination. For the past few years, around 35,000 Indian students have already been enrolled at German universities.

Indian students can avail themselves of free education at German universities and even attend English language programmes. The tremendous number of applications from Indian students has left German authorities shocked. It is challenging for the German Embassy to process 25,000 applications within a year.

The authorities are facing challenges as they need to eliminate fraudulent documents from the pool of applications. Ackerman noted that the processing of applications at the German embassy is taking longer than ever. He further stated that accommodating these many Indian students in Germany is a win-win situation for both parties.

According to Wissenchaft Weltoffen, published in March 2023, 33,753 Indian students are studying in European nations. Out of 349,438 international students, Indian students account for 9.7% of the overall students in the academic session 2021–22. Currently, China is the leading nation, from which 40,055 students are enrolled in the German university. However, German universities are happy to accept Indian students in their educational setup since they have had good experience with Indian students so far. Even so, every student gets employment within the next six weeks of the completion of their programme.

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