India and the UK sign a research MoU, likely to launch soon:

India and the UK signed an agreement on Wednesday to collaborate to solve the problems faced by the world through the use of AI and machine learning.

An agreement was signed between the UK and India to collaborate on science and innovation. The official statement states that the two countries signed a memorandum of understanding in the UK Parliament on Wednesday.

The major objective of this collaboration is to enable deep and quick collaboration in science. This agreement was signed with the aim of creating skilled jobs, boosting the economy, and improving living standards in India, the UK, and worldwide. The red tape standing can be minimised through this collaboration. Through this agreement, new joint research schemes will be brought into action.

These joint research schemes will aim to deliver progress on some of the biggest issues facing the world, including climate change, pandemic preparedness, and much more. Through leveraging AI and machine learning, research progress will be made.

This programme will be a gateway to many other programmes, including the establishment of a new UK-India Net Zero Innovation Virtual Centre focused on industrial decarbonization. Further, the first-ever UK-India scientific deep-sea voyage will be introduced after this agreement. The two countries have planned to launch multiple other programmes to decarbonize India’s pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries. According to the official statement, collaborative activities are being carried out, which will be further supported by joint funding from both countries. The funding by the countries will be in a ratio determined between India and the UK, as already discussed.

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