Australia will modify its immigration system and visa process

Australia will introduce modifications to its immigration system to make the process less time-consuming and more efficient.

Australia is going to make significant changes in its immigration system to speed up the process of recruiting highly skilled workers in the country. The federal labour government is working with the aim of easing the process of getting permanent residency in the country. This easing down of the process can be done by making changes in the current system to select migrants. Further, the point test that was used to evaluate the skillset of an individual will be modified to include those individuals who are ultimately going to be beneficial to the economy.

The broken migration system is responsible for breaking businesses in the country, as per Clare O’Neil, home minister of Australia. The major threat to the Australian economy is the ageing population. However, Australia is planning to launch a system similar to Germany and Canada to bring in more skilled migrants. The government of Australia is planning to streamline visa processing to make it less time-consuming and more efficient.

Even so, the country is adopting measures to encourage international students to stay in the country and contribute to the Australian workforce. As per the new system, temporary skilled visa holders who were earlier unsuccessful in applying for permanent residency can now do so by the end of the year. Earlier, in September 2022, to battle with a shortage of staff in businesses, the intake in Australia was raised from 35,000 to 195,000 permanent migrants. The Australian government has further mentioned that they will increase the wage of temporary skilled workers from AUD 53,900 to AUD 70,000 from July 1. Though there are still uncertainties about what measures the government will opt for the new immigration system.

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