International students in the US remain below pre-pandemic levels

The number of Indian students in the US in 2022 was over 64,000. While the number of Chinese students dropped, as per new immigration data.

As per the data revealed by the Student Exchange Visitor Programme, there were 1,362,157 international students in the US. There was an increase of 10% in 2022, but the number of students still lags behind pre-pandemic levels.

China remains the top sender of students to the US for study. The number of Chinese students has dropped to 324,196, whereas there has been a surge in the number of Indian students. According to the reports, there were 297,151 Indian students in the US in 2021. Further, South Korea, Canada, and Brazil are the top countries sending students to the US.

The latest reports by SEVIS show that the number of students from Nigeria has increased by more than 11,000 compared to the previous years. Open Doors data revealed a 3% hike in the number of international students compared to the previous year. However, there was a drop in Chinese students due to restrictions on travel because of the coronavirus.

Associate Vice Provost for International Education at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, David Di Maria, is optimistic about the number of students. California continued to host more students compared to other states in the country. Most states in the US saw an increase in the number of international students.

Hartmann says, “International students continue to flock to the popular states.” Further, he added that the total number of international students remains below the pre-pandemic level. He added that there are chances for an increase in the enrollment of international students in the US.

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