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Amidst the India-UK FTA, India pushes for student visa relaxation

Since 2018, an India-UK free trade agreement has been in progress. India is pushing to relax student visas for Indian students in the UK.

The UK and India have strong economic ties, with India being India’s second-largest commercial partner in the European Union (EU). India and the UK have begun a fresh round of negotiations for the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which will bring numerous benefits to both nations.

The primary subject matter for discussion in the negotiations is India’s request for greater accessibility to the UK’s job market. India has petitioned the UK to loosen the UK student visa and other visa constraints to grant Indian employees a greater number of graduate route visas. Though the UK remains cautious concerning immigration levels.

Further, the tariff on the goods from the UK, which makes it impossible for British businesses to establish themselves in India, was also brought to our attention. The deal between the two nations will have a major impact on the international education sector. Every year, thousands of Indian students visit the UK to study, and a fair trade deal will further make it simpler for the students to study in the UK and vice versa.

One of the best benefits of the India-UK free trade agreement is that it will limit educational expenses, including tuition fees. The lowering of educational expenses will encourage more students to pursue higher education in the UK.

Most likely, the UK will provide more financial aid in terms of scholarships to Indian students. Additionally, there will be more joint research initiatives between the universities of the UK and India. The signing of the agreement might bring profitable chances for Indian and UK students to pursue higher education.

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