UK universities discuss potential reductions in post-study work visas:

A significant change has been brought about in the education sector in the UK. The spokesperson from one of the leading universities is talking in favour of international students.

Recent reports confirm the rise in the number of students preferring to study in the UK. Till September 2022, over 160,000 Indian students opted to study in the UK, 78% more than the previous year. However, there will be changes in the trends in the educational sector.

As per the new UK visa policies, graduates will be allowed to stay back in the country if they fail to find a job. The Vice President and Director of Global Engagement at the University of Sheffield, Dr. Malcolm Buttler, when asked about post-study work opportunities, said that students are being helped to use the Graduate Route.

He further highlighted the steps taken by universities to solve the housing crisis. Moreover, he mentioned that the university will take the necessary steps to support students and look into the longer work visa. The university is continuously working hard to prove that international students have a great contribution to make to the UK’s economy. Not only is the economy boosted by the international students, but cultural vibrancy and the local community are also seeing a positive influence. The colleagues at the Russell Group of the university have challenged the possible cutbacks on post-study work visas recently announced by the government. Moreover, the university has also mentioned the importance of the graduate route for international students.

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