Job-oriented courses to study abroad in 2023

International students these days are breaking conventions and driving in to choose the best and most innovative career path. In the current world scenario, unconventional programmes make students stand out compared to conventional programmes.

We live in a world that is currently evolving and driven by a multitude of factors, including technological advancement, globalisation, changing job sectors, and others. Socio-economic, technological, and cultural factors drive the younger generation to try innovative fields in job sectors.

Thus, the complex environment allowed students to go beyond their conventions and opt for some unconventional programmes to excel in their career path. Here are some popular courses students like to opt for:

Ethical hacking and cyber security:

There will be a surge in the number of students enrolled in ethical hacking and cyber-security courses in 2022. There is an increase of 38% in 2022 compared to 2021. Per organisation, there are 1168 attacks each week, which counts as the highest record. Here comes the demand for ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts.

Game studies:                

Everyone must have tried playing one game or another in their life. Still, game studies are one of the most underrated professions. Professionals in game studies handle everything from setting up the players, equipment, and settings. Game studies is a distinctive course to study for anyone who is interested in playing and making games.

Environmental Engineering:

Environmental engineers have a set objective in mind: to enhance recycling, public health, waste disposal, and air pollution. The way the environment is going through drastic changes, the demand for this job role is increasing rapidly. Many students are currently enrolling in universities to study environmental engineering.

Sport Science:

Anyone who is a sports enthusiast can pursue a master’s degree in sports science or nutrition. Different aspects of sports planning, management, and training are taken into consideration in this degree. You can be a master in sports management, administration, and much more.


Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that was developed by bringing together biology and computer science. Biological data is studied through the use of technology and computation tools. Students opt for this course to conduct research on human genes and variation.


Technological advancement drives an ever-changing environment, which necessitates talented students. Students these days opt for unique and innovative courses to change the world. Most of the courses students opt for are unconventional.

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