Canada’s new international education strategy will review the agent’s role

As the talks for Canada’s next international education strategy begin, the Global Affairs Canada holds the view that education agents are “key vulnerabilities.”

The new international education strategy is likely to launch in April 2024, wherein agent regulation will be a priority. The paper reads, “The unethical practices of some education agents used by certain Canadian education institutions pose a direct risk to Canada’s reputation as a provider of high-quality education services”.

A TV documentary that aired in Canada in October 2022 reveals the dark side of some education agents. These agents promise Indian students permanent residency.

Aashish Gulati, COO at Infinite Group, is in favour of the decision to review the agent’s role. He further adds, “The unfair practises by some education agents pose a great threat to students’ futures and even the country’s reputation.”

In the discussion with institutions and education organisers, GAC will make the point of whether agents will self-regulate or certain institutions, like the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants of Canada, will oversee the sector.

In 2022, more than half of all international students’ permits are linked to Ontario institutions. Alain Roy, vice president of international partnerships at College and Institute Canada, will work closely with GAC to find the solution.

Roy says, “We are exploring how colleges can strengthen recruitment practises while also enhancing the integrity of Canada’s immigration processes”.

Further, diversification is the next important theme will be in the next international education strategy. The government is likely to consult with stakeholders and provincial governments for their views. The government will address a few other topics in the discussion, including digital marketing, and indigenous partnerships.

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