The UK government may ban students for 5 years who convert visas into care homes without finishing the degree

The UK government to take strict action against students who convert to tier-2 visas before completing their education. According to the latest report launched by UKVI, some students have put a hold on their education to obtain tier-2 visas. The home office is on a mission to collect lists of students from colleges or universities.

Gaurav Batra, CEO of Infinite Group, acknowledges the issue. According to him, “students visiting the country on a Tier-4 visa should adhere to the regulations and prioritise their education.” Further, it has been highlighted that it is a clear violation of the law.

The major problems with converting to a Tier-2 visa are:

Tier-4 visas are granted to non-EEA students who are planning to pursue their education in the UK. The student should satisfy the following aspects, including:

  • Admission to recognised educational institutions
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Must have adequate funds to cover living expenses and tuition fees.
  • Adhere to visa conditions

However, students are found exploiting the Tier-4 gateway in their favour. The major problem with converting to a Tier-2 visa is that students are deviating from their objective of pursuing higher education. Secondly, individuals are misusing the gateway to access the UK job market.

The home office will take into consideration the gatherer’s information. An individual is likely to face multiple consequences, including the prohibition of re-entering the country. The action implemented by the home office serves as a warning to international students studying in the UK.

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