The UK intends to hire Indian math, science, and language teachers

The UK intends to hire Indian math, science, and language teachers

The UK plans to provide jobs to math, science, and language teachers through the international relocation payment (IRP) gateway.

There is a shortage of math, science, and language teachers in the United Kingdom. The UK government intends to hire hundreds of foreign teachers to teach these subjects. Teachers to teach math, science, and language will be hired through the gateway of International Relocation Payments (IRP) schemes.

Under the IRP scheme, an individual is paid more than INR 10 lakh to migrate to England and take up the open teaching positions. The General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers in the UK, Paul Whiteman, commented that hiring foreign nationals is only a short-term solution.

The UK began inviting bright and intellectual teachers from around the world in March 2023. As a matter of a one-year trial, the UK sends out invitations to 400 teachers worldwide to serve in the prestigious schools of the country. As per the Department for Education (DfE), this is only one of the multiple alternatives the government is looking into.

What is covered in the International Relocation Payments (IRP) scheme?

International teachers who have accepted the offer to teach in the UK will benefit in multiple ways. Under this scheme, teachers will be paid for their visa costs, immigration health surcharge, and other relocation-related costs.

The campaign was launched by the UK government to increase the supply of recruiters. As per this campaign, math, science, and language teachers holding relevant qualifications from India, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Singapore, Zimbabwe, and Jamaica are being accredited.

Indian teachers need to fulfil the eligibility criteria to work in the country. An Indian teacher must possess English at an advanced university level, possess a bachelor’s degree, and have at least one year of teaching experience in any of the academic subjects mentioned.

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