Australia discusses on upcoming reforms affecting international students

Australia discusses on upcoming reforms affecting international students

Australia’s government is taking a strategic initiative to stop the unscrupulous behavior of agents. Further, there are non-genuine students who are switching courses assisted by agents, as per the Education Department representative.

In the upcoming migration review, amendments will be made in writing between students, institutions, and the ESOS National Code. Alison Cleary, acting assistant secretary of the International Quality Branch in the Education Department’s Education Division, highlighted the changes in agreement.

There are live discussions on connecting student visas with institutions and English language proficiency. The officials are keeping a close eye on the agreements made by agents with international students. This will help officials keep a constant check on the “rogue and inappropriate” behavior of agents. Furthermore, they can consult with the sector to decide on the next best possible measures to be taken.

Gaurav Batra, CEO at Infinite Group, added that “Australia’s consultation on forthcoming changes to the overseas student reform is a major step towards enhancing the education system as well as strengthening the overall experience of international students.”

Cleary noted that “it is quite a tricky matter” to regulate offshore agents. The government is figuring out how student visas should operate. Earlier, students were able to switch their institutions while onshore. Somehow, agents used their manipulative minds to take advantage of this factor.

Another factor that agents misused was students enrolling in more than one course. Cleary continued creating a balance by talking about the rights of students. According to the reports from the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s office, the written agreements that students signed at the time of enrollment were “unfair and unreasonable” in a few cases during the pandemic.

Clare O’Neil, Minister of Home Affairs, mentioned that they are “looking at the reforms we need to take here to ensure the integrity of our system”.

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