Student visas can last for 8 years, as per the India-Australia pact

Student visas can last for 8 years, as per the India-Australia pact

India and Australia signed a mutual migration and mobility partnership to increase opportunities for students, academic researchers, and business professionals. Indian graduates on student visas at Australian tertiary institutions can now work and seek professional development without visa sponsorship for up to eight years.

The bond between the two countries will strengthen since exchange students, recent graduates, researchers, and business professionals are encouraged. The prime ministers of the two countries, Australia and India, met for the sixth time to sign the pact. Further, the choice of India to open a consulate in Brisbane has also been supported.

The opening of a new consulate is a further expansion of the consulates in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. Moreover, Australia planned to open a consulate in Bengaluru, Karnataka, in 2023. Indian graduates studying in Australia on a student visa can work in the country for eight years without the need for a sponsor. The new terms will come into effect on July 1, 2023.

Furthermore, a pilot programme called MATES (Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-Professional Scheme) with a yearly cap of 3000 spaces will be available for 4 years. MATES is the new gateway for young professionals and graduates who are knowledgeable and skilled in their fields of study. MATES will provide a pathway for Indian professionals to stay in Australia for up to 2 years. In recent years, the bond between India and Australia has gone through a transition, releasing the potential for collaboration. However, because of shared democratic ideals, dedication to multilateralism, and expanding economic lines, the connection between the countries strengthened and served as a mutual benefit to both.

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