Reports: Demand in Europe shifts towards STEM disciplines

Reports: Demand in Europe shifts towards STEM disciplines

Students from Pakistan and Bangladesh are showing interest in studying in continental Europe. Europe is considered the region with the strongest appeal for international students. Additionally, the preference of students in terms of programme is shifting towards business intelligence, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, data science, and big data.

However, when the study was carried out, it was seen that business and management are the most popular courses in Europe. One out of five students is enrolled in business and management courses. Germany “holds a significant global market share of student interest,” but the recent analysis shows a “drop in relative demand” for the course, while Norway experienced the “largest decline” in relative demand. According to the study, the decrease in the enrollment rate is due to the implementation of tuition costs.

Further, the report states that by understanding the preferences of students, universities need to promote the courses according to their preferences. It has been seen that, at the bachelor’s level, students are more interested in AI programmes, while design-related programmes have seen a decline.

Similarly, at the master’s level, students have started preferring data science and big data-type programmes, whereas demand for international relations has declined.

The trend shows that students are choosing a master’s programme over a bachelor’s in view of the operational risk in the UK. On the other hand, Portugal has seen a rise in demand at both the master’s and bachelor’s levels.

As per the data, STEM has also dominated in master’s programmes, with a high preference of students in data science and big data, biology and software engineering, and health science that have seen demand. However, business and management have also remained the top choices for students.

For business programmes, Italy has also seen a rise in demand; on the other hand, Spain, Denmark, and France have seen moderate growth.

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