Relaxation of eligibility criteria for EAD by US authorities

Relaxation of eligibility criteria for EAD by US authorities:

The eligibility criteria for employment authority documentation have been eased in the United States. Indian professionals on H-1B or L-1 visas will benefit from this relaxation.

The compelling circumstances make it possible for the United States to bring about changes in its policy. EADs serve as evidence that an individual is authorised to work in the US. This development provides relief to immigrants who become stuck between ongoing layoffs and lengthy visa backlogs. Some non-immigrants who are the beneficiaries of accepted employment-based immigrant visa petitions, as well as their qualified spouses and children, are given these documents.

EADs are meant to help individuals who are facing growing backlogs for immigrant visas and are in compelling circumstances, allowing them to continue working and staying in the United States.

This new policy is beneficial to Indian professionals living in the US, as many of these individuals have a backlog of more than 100 years for EB-2 /3 green cards. According to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), these individuals may now apply for EADs under compelling circumstances, such as serious illness or disability, employer disputes or retaliation, substantial harm to the applicant, or significant disruption to the employer.

At the same time that their EAD is valid or while their application is ongoing, as long as they filed a non-frivolous application on time. Individuals are required to fill out Form I- 765 to get EAD from the USCIS. Dependants are given leverage to renew their EADs by filing out the renewal application before the expiration date of the EAD. They also need to provide relevant evidence of their relationship with the resident. This move has been appraised by many. 

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